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Editing & Proofreading

Every year, I edit and proofread more than 1M words of Czech translations.

  • I undertake proofreading and editing thoroughly and farsightedly.
  • I approach your texts sensitively — I do not change language solutions at all costs.
  • I always respect the author of the original.

I am a well-read person and so, I have a distinguished and natural sense of my native tongue. I am aware of even the most hidden connotations and the most subtle differences that may impact on the overall message.
Most frequently, I edit content for apps and marketing copy localized into Czech, and magazine content; yet I work with various text types including those for academic publications or advertising, and so, I have a clear idea which means of expression can be used in every field. I will adjust your texts so that they fit their purpose.

How much will proofreading cost?

Depending on the demands each text may pose, I charge proofreading/editing per word or by my current hourly rate in case thorough editing is necessary.

Do you need a proofreader?

Write me an e-mail or use the form below to send me a no-obligation request. Once I evaluate it, I will send you a quote and discuss all the details.

Your personal data will be used exclusively to process your request.

Please specify the deadline and scope/purpose of the text.

I do not accept assignments that include translations made by anyone other than a professional translator or post-editing texts produced by tools like Google Translate.

As with translations, I do not do editing/proofreading of school compositions nor academic theses, CVs and letters of motivation.