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Who I Am

I am a freelance translator. I come from an academic and artistic background and specialize in fine arts and art history texts, and other types of highly creative content. Yet I have vast experience with translations in other fields as well.

I have a master’s degree in Translation and Interpreting Studies (Czech-English and Czech-French) from the Institute of Translation Studies, Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague, the only institution in the country providing comprehensive education in the field.

I am closely attached to Latin America. I lived in Mexico for two years where I return regularly. Therefore, another one of my working languages is Spanish (I hold a DELE C1 diploma).

Thanks to my four-year studies at the Catalan Lectorate in Prague, I obtained a scholarship on Majorca and in Andorra, and, as the winner of the Gran Concurs Andorrà competition, I visited Andorra also on the invitation of the Andorran government. I hold a C-level Catalan diploma awarded by the Government of Andorra.

Besides that, I speak Brazilian Portuguese and have a command of Italian.

Continuously seeking new educational opportunities, I participate, i. a., in training courses, workshops and think-tanks by Czech education agencies for translators, Belisha Beacon and Mundef Academy, and I attend international translation conferences (BP Translation Conferences, Meet Central Europe).

Why Work with Me

  • I approach your projects sensitively, not only with professional distance. The most important thing is not my ego but your needs. I don’t create artificial work to impress people but am straightforward about your texts, with their purpose always in mind. I have a clear awareness of ethical principles that regulate my profession and my abidance to them goes without saying.
  • Having worked my way up independently from extremely harsh conditions, I am a natural high-performer with no-nonsense attitude. Therefore: I approach my work with the utmost responsibility, I value quality work, as well as I value my time and I am fully aware of my added value as a translator. I don’t tend to postpone things; I don’t work at the last moment or during the parts of the day when my productivity is not at its best. I always deliver my work on time.
  • I am not the clerk-like type of translator who just finished their studies and does not strive for anything else in life. I am particular about my foreign orientation. This helps me to keep seeing the bigger picture and not to deteriorate intellectually. At the same time, I keep in touch with those of my colleagues who are positive thinking, experienced and active, and I seek meaningful opportunities to develop my language, translation and freelancer skills.
  • I totally identify myself with my profession. My current lifestyle is a result of a clear lifelong vision.

„I do exactly what I want to do, and it is of great importance to me to be able to sign my work.“