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I specialize in art history texts, publications on fine arts, artists’ monographs, and other types of highly creative content including marketing and transcreation

On an annual basis, I usually translate over 500k words.

My natural abilities can be used at their best working on thoughtfully prepared materials that require the utmost precision and maximum consistency.

I’ll be happy to also prepare translations from other fields which include:

  • Localization and transcreation, i. a. for websites or applications
  • Advertising and marketing, social copy
  • Corporate and organizational materials (company policies, newsletters, press releases, video subtitles, Kaizen and Lean management)
  • General legal and economic materials (i. a. general terms and conditions, basic types of contracts, financial statements and annual reports)
  • Humanities; psychology (manipulative personalities, NPD, CPTSD), sociology and other social sciences
  • Education and lifelong training
  • Geography, travel & tourism, transport
  • Culture and social events
  • Food & gastronomy
  • Beauty & cosmetics, wellness, lifestyle
  • Shoes and clothing, accessories, luxury items
  • Personal and official correspondence
  • Expert and popular science books, books of fiction

To assure the highest possible quality and consistency of my translations, I use CAT tools – usually memoQ (my main working tool, I have my own licence). Besides that, I am also a proficient user of Phrase, Smartcat, Smartling, XTM and client proprietary tools.
When translating into a foreign language, I always work with qualified native speakers who proofread my work. So, if you don’t have your own professional editor/proofreader, I will offer you a translation including revision.

How much will translation cost?

Translations are charged per word of the original or I may apply my hourly rate. My quotes are based on professional standards together with my awareness of the value of the service I provide.

Do you need an express translation? Be prepared for additional charges.

Don’t bet on amateurish translators. In the end, it may cost you dear.

Even seemingly little imperfections have the power to discourage the reader and dramatically reduce the value of your wonderful product or service and therefore spoil the general impression. Perfect language presentation is a must. Don’t waste your energy on amateurs. Treat yourself to top quality service.

Do you need a translation?

Write me an e-mail or use the form below to send me a no-obligation request. Once I evaluate it, I will send you a quote and discuss all the details.

Your personal data will be used exclusively to process your request.

Please specify the target language, deadline and scope/purpose of the translation.

I am not a court translator. If you need court (certified) translation, please take a look here or here.

I am not a plagiarist either, and so, I don’t accept work that includes translation of school compositions or academic theses nor the translation of CVs or letters of motivation.