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In the Czech-French and Czech-Spanish language pairs, I provide simultaneous interpreting (the interpreter speaks at the same time as the speaker using interpreting equipment) and consecutive interpreting (the interpreter waits until the speaker finishes their part of speech, then they render the speech in the target language using interpreting notes).

At present, I perform interpreting on a very occasional basis only. I have experience serving as an interpreter at:

  • business negotiations,
  • lectures, training courses and business presentations,
  • visits of institutions, accompanying and community interpreting,
  • international humanities and social sciences conferences,
  • and small-scale cultural events and gatherings.

Language skills embedded in reality

I am particular about my knowledge of living language I use in everyday communication besides my work.

My spoken language does not suffer from a Czech accent and I am acquainted with cultural differences.

Stress resistance and resilience

I am able to manage states of high stress and it is natural for me to move in intellectual circles.

I know how to adapt my behavior to different situations.

How much will interpreting cost?

I charge for interpreting per day (interpreting under 8 hours) or half-day (interpreting under 4 hours). As with translations, my quotes are based on professional standards.

Simultaneous interpreting especially requires a whole range of colorful skills and it pertains to one of the most demanding cognitive activities. So, don’t see things through rose-colored glasses assuming things will turn out fine, and invest in a skilled interpreter.

Do you need an interpreter?

Write me an e-mail or use the form below to send me a no-obligation request. Once I evaluate it, I will send you a quote and we can discuss everything in detail.

Your personal data will be used exclusively to process your request.

In your request, please specify the date, time schedule and language pair. I am ready to help you to choose between simultaneous and consecutive interpreting and all other necessities.

I’ll greatly appreciate if you are precise — to interpret a 30-minute paper is not the same as “translate a few sentences”, similarly, the (well-known to interpreters) affirmation “there will be no specialized talking” can mean you will talk about stuff which is basic in your field, yet the interpreter must study the subject first.

I am not a court interpreter. If you need court interpreting, please take a look here or here.